• Province ignores London

    Read my latest column in Our London. It will be uploaded here at least 7 days after its original publication.

  • Amazon call highlights city’s shortcomings

    Last week, Amazon announced that it’s building a second headquarters somewhere in North America. Their Seattle headquarters employs more than 40,000 people, puts billions into

  • Rising up again from the ashes

    Until we open up a conversation about what it’s really like on the sometimes bumpy road to mental health recovery, we can’t improve the outlook for people working hard to put their lives back together or the way we treat them. So I’m opening it.

  • Swift win, but slow progress

    Women need the security of knowing that speaking up won’t be a wrecking ball to their lives. That it won’t give anyone, much less everyone, the right to weigh in on their character and motivations.

  • Higher development standard required

    We should be pushing back far more often because developments aren’t meeting the city’s needs or are aesthetically subpar. We should be demanding excellence on so many levels besides heritage preservation — many of them at a much higher priority.