about amanda

I’m Amanda. Here is all I know about life:

Do good.
Be grateful.
Wear excellent shoes.
Measure from the bottom of the meniscus.

For too long, all the parts of me were scattered across the interweb, but in a feat of mental and intestinal strength, I’ve pulled them together here.

If you’d prefer to still have just a part of me, you can by choosing a category.

the stupid girl’s guide (it’s *by* a stupid girl, not *for* a stupid girl)
contains information, opinions, and general blatherings on political topics

i n (s) a n i t y (inane and/or insane)
showcases the ramblier, randomer side of me

holy eff!
just my real life, daily


I think there are a couple elements of my life and personality that aren’t covered here yet. Most notably, there will eventually be a photography section.