About Me

Hi! I’m Amanda.

I’m a community builder, an equity advocate, and a policy geek. My background is in public relations, and my consulting work has focused heavily on the kind of engagement that leads to strong relationships for the companies and nonprofits I’ve worked with. That set of passions and experience has led me to become actively engaged in civic life here in London.

I’m the current chair of the City of London Council’s Transportation Advisory Committee, and I’ve made it my mission to bring more citizen voices to the table as we work to improve multi-modal mobility in London. If you want to be involved, please let me know!

Until recently, I also served on the board of the Urban League of London, and I continue to volunteer with the organization, advising on policy and governance, as well as helping however I can to improve civic engagement in the city I love.

By day, I’m a cofounder and the Managing Partner of Hacker Studios, a downtown London startup community hub that provides a public gathering place, shared workspace for growing companies, and popup opportunities for retail and restaurant development. And coffee. We also provide coffee.

I live in Wortley Village with my husband, two daughters, and a cat. We all love dance parties, board games, and watching thunderstorms on the porch. (Well, okay, the cat’s pretty indifferent to at least one of those things.)

I also love having real conversations with real Londoners, so if you’ve made it this far, let’s grab a tea or a beer and chat about all the things you care about!

Find me by email at hello@amandastratton.com, by text at 226-237-7375, or by tweet at @AmandaStratton.