The Big What Now?

My name was on a ballot three times this year. I lost every time, but all told, I received 21 224 votes. That's a lot of trust to be given.

Three times, I’ve had scores of people say to me, “What now?” When I started this year of political endeavours, at the launch of my campaign for the London North Centre nomination, I made a commitment: Win or lose, I would do something with the things people took the time to share with me. So now that's one of the most important things I'm working on.

At the same time—sometimes in ways that are very connected to that goal and sometimes in ways that are a little separate from it—I'm working to reconnect with the principle of service to others.

Politics can feel like a bit of a game, to be won for winning's sake. Losing can feel like being cast out. I don't know whether I'll continue to be involved in politics, but I know that if I am, it is the desire to serve that will my guiding light. So for now, I will protect and rekindle that flame.

And soon, I will be back with a project that I hope perhaps can help you stoke your own connection to service.

See you soon,